WEBINAR: Public Relations for Entrepreneurs, Session 1 of 3: Crisis Management

Public Relations for Entrepreneurs, Session 1 of 3: Crisis Management – What Entrepreneurs Should be Doing Now to Reignite Their Brand Effective brand management during a global crisis is critical to ensuring resiliency and brand trust during business slowdowns or temporary closures. However, due to the abrupt and extensive impact the current crisis has had […]

WEBINAR: Public Relations for Entrepreneurs, Session 2 of 3: Using PR Tools to Build Brand Trust, Loyalty, and Credibility during a Crisis

Implementing effective social media, email marketing, crisis communique and media engagement strategies are essential to building trust as well as business retention and sustainability during an economic crisis. Utilizing traditional PR tools such as news stories and press releases coupled with 21st century tools like social media, e-newsletters, podcasts/webinars and virtual speaking engagements are a […]

WEBINAR: Public Relations for Entrepreneurs, Session 3 of 3: Online Reputation Management

A company’s digital footprint is as important to their branding strategy as other traditional branding efforts. With millions of potential customers online every day, businesses that ignore or discount their online reputation often find their name and brand trust in need of repair. Understanding digital review platforms like Yelp, Google Business, and Glassdoor can help […]

The Future of Work and Creating Wealth in Minority Communities

During this session, local national thought leaders will provide insights and recommendations on preparing minorities for the future of work with automation and closing the wealth gap in America between minority and non-minority communities. Panelists will share historical and current legislation and practices that have created the skills gap and the wealth gap in America, […]