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SEE CHANGE Collective

The SEE CHANGE Collective is a catalyst for closing the wealth gap for Blacks and Hispanics/Latinos in the Greater New Orleans Region by focusing on three pathways to wealth-building – homeownership, business ownership and entrepreneurship, and income and wages.


By 2050, Metro New Orleans stands to realize a $3 billion gain in economic output by closing the racial equity gap.

“Closing the gap” means lessening and ultimately eliminating, disparities and opportunity differentials that limit the human potential and economic contributions of people of color in the Greater New Orleans Region.

By 2050, more than half the population, workforce, and consumers in the eight-county Metro New Orleans area will be people of color. Research shows that by enabling the full creative and economic potential of New Orleanians benefits Louisiana through a 24% increase in New Orleans’ economy, a projected $9.5 billion in earnings gain by 2050 and $720 million projected increase in state and local tax revenues by 2050.

Our response is the SEE CHANGE Collective – a strategy for improving the overall economy and quality of life of the New Orleans Region by increasing the wealth of Black and Hispanic/Latino communities.


SEE CHANGE is a data-driven, community-oriented and outcomes-focused initiative committed to identifying policy and practice solutions to close the racial wealth gap in the Greater New Orleans region.

The Urban League of Louisiana launched the initiative in early 2021 beginning with an 18-month planning phase designed to establish a coordinated regional implementation strategy for addressing racial disparities in homeownership, business ownership and entrepreneurship, and income and wages.


Income and wages, homeownership, and business ownership and entrepreneurship are historic pathways to wealth-building that have not generated the same results for black and brown communities. We focus on these three levers for change that present the greatest opportunity for wealth creation if equity were present.


  • Homeownership is the primary way Americans build generational wealth, yet historically, national policies encouraging home ownership as a wealth generator have not benefitted people of color at the same rate.
  • The SEE CHANGE Collective will explore the factors promoting and hindering homeownership as a wealth generator for Black and Hispanic/Latino residents in the New Orleans metro area.

Business Ownership & Entrepreneurship

  • Business ownership is the most effective way to build wealth, yet significant barriers exist in establishing the growing businesses for people of color.
  • The SEE CHANGE Collective will explore the factors that promote and hinder the growth of small business revenue and employment growth for businesses owned by Black, Hispanic/Latinos in the New Orleans metro.

Income & Wages

  • Everyone who works earns a salary or wage, which makes it the most accessible way to facilitate wealth generation, yet many barriers exist making wealth generation through employment impossible for too many.
  • The SEE CHANGE Collective will explore factors that promote and hinder access to high-growth, high wage employment opportunities.


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