The ULEAD Leadership Academy is a leading training academy for advocates interested in learning how to effectively navigate and positively impact the educational landscape for communities of color in New Orleans.

ULEAD provides a unique opportunity for participants to learn how to engage in developing and sustaining a quality educational ecosystem in New Orleans through:

  • Advocacy
  • Human Capital
  • Governance
  • Policy
  • Entrepreneurship


ULEAD engages participants by allowing them to hear from and interact with prominent individuals in the education field.  Speakers from many different facets of the education system will inform, teach and communicate with participants regarding their particular field(s) of expertise.  Participants will also commit to individualized project plans that demonstrate their active involvement in the educational arena.


For each class, ULEAD targets 25 professionals who are interested in attaining a mastery level of knowledge in the New Orleans public education system.

Participants should be:

  • Motivated to work diligently to promote positive changes in education as well as the community
  • Committed to attending eight program sessions
  • Interested in engagement/advocacy in the following: Advocacy, Human Capital, Governance, Policy, and Entrepreneurship

For more information, email Amber Davis-Prince at or call 504-620-2332