Each year, we release this agenda to ensure that legislators are chiefly aware of how their proposed legislation impacts African Americans and other underserved communities within Louisiana. A few weeks ago we wrapped up a Statewide Listen & Learn Tour with the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus sponsored by Southern Poverty Law Center. This tour took us to 7 cities across our state, and is one of the most important ways we are informed on policy changes needed.

Take a quick moment to read through the 49 bills we support and the 14 we oppose. Then share this report with others you know.

It is with your interest in mind that we are supporting legislation such as HB 374 and SB 149, that seek to increase the state minimum wage, as well as HB 318, that aims to make our communities safer by prohibiting the manufacturing and possession of machines guns responsible for too many deaths in all communities of our state and country. Likewise, we oppose SB46 because it improperly empowers elected officials, outside of education, to regulate the materials taught in our schools. We firmly believe that education decisions impacting our students should be reserved for educational leaders and practitioners who serve our children and families. We cannot afford to politicize our children’s education when we face so many challenges to improve outcomes and close education equity gaps.

Visit https://urbanleaguela.org/2023agenda/ today to track each bill and learn now you can advocate and help advance these important causes.