Demands for justice for Ronald Greene and accountability for the troopers involved have been consistent and loud. Our weekly updates capture the continued calls for action and key news as it develops.
As we await the findings that federal prosecutors are preparing to present to a grand jury by the end of the summer, we hope it brings with it the first charges of any kind in this case and leads to additional action being taken to address the systemic patterns and practices of police brutality.
Next week, we will be sending our official petition to decision makers including LA States Attorney Jeff Landry, LA State Police Colonel Lamar Davis, Governor John Bel Edwards, and US Attorney General Garland.

We are less than 500 signatures away from the 25,000 mark! This will be the last opportunity to add your signature and share the petition. Remember, when one voice joins many others in a cry for justice, that voice is amplified!



Behind the name: Ronald Greene, brutalized by police, remembered as ‘a doer’ with ‘beautiful heart’
(August 20, 2021/The Advocate)

EXCERPT – With his death adding fuel to a heated national debate about race and policing, Ronald Greene became the latest addition to a growing roster of names chanted by protesters nationwide, including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Alton Sterling. His desperate last words — caught on officer-worn cameras — have been widely publicized. But the man himself remains largely a mystery.

During interviews in New Orleans, Monroe and Orlando, his friends and relatives shared their memories.

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