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Louisiana deserves action to match assurances of accountability

As we continue to learn more details related to officers that are directly involved in the death of Ronald Greene and as reporters dutifully uncover yet another piece of evidence that reveals troubling patterns within our state police force, we remain constant in our call for action.

We have long heard the assurances of “greater accountability.” When do we see the actions to match those assurances?

When can Louisianans begin to see a new pattern of justice and accountability that outpaces the current, sickening pattern of “limited discipline” and consequences that in no way match the enormity of the brutal violence suffered by these victims and their families in the aftermath?

We demand justice for Ronald Greene.

All troopers involved must be immediately terminated. There has been limited discipline against some of the troopers but it is not enough. Every day that any trooper involved in this horrendous incident remains on the job is an injustice to the family and to all residents of Louisiana. All troopers involved must be terminated.

All troopers must be arrested on charges that are appropriate for the crimes committed. There have been no charges thus far, after two years since Mr. Greene’s murder. The officers involved, named and unnamed, must be arrested immediately.

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