For Employers

We provide customized training designed to strengthen recruitment efforts and increase employee morale and productivity through our pre-employment workshops, which are designed to infuse the professional culture of an employer’s company, with the intent to pre-screen potential candidates to fill vacant positions.

An employers customized pre-employment workshops cover three topics;

  1. Empowerment (Professional life skills training that will create a positive and productive workforce),
  2. Engagement (Techniques and fundamental practices that will improve your ability to work with others), and
  3. Customer Services (Professional life skills that will teach you how to be sensitive.

The program also offers employers professional services such as employee assessments including behavior, skills, capacities and values assessments.

All employer services are provided on a Fee For Service Basis.

Working with the Urban League helps us to empower its members to ACHIEVE MORE THROUGH OUR TECHNOLOGY. Through this direct relationship, we’re able to provide Windows and Office based skills that will prepare members for the new, modern workplace!”


Learning Specialist, Microsoft Store

The participants at Urban League are given the opportunity to learn soft skills in order to be successful within the workforce.  THIS IS A WIN-WIN for both the Hilton and participants and we have had success with this program.”


Employment Specialist, Hilton Hotel