The Urban League of Louisiana – Office of Workforce Development is hosting VIRTUAL JOB FAIRS 
to connect job seekers to opportunities in essential industry jobs including –

  • Retail (Pharmacies/Grocers)
  • Food Service (Restaurants)
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality (Food Service)
  • Construction
  • Administration
  • Technology



STEP ONE: Please complete the form below.

STEP TWO: Immediately after hitting the submit button, you will be redirected to Part 2 of registration on our virtual fair site.   You will receive a confirmation by email once you complete the registration.

I am interested in jobs in the following essential industries:Check all that apply
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Do you have access to a smart phone with camera capabilities (to participate in a virtual interview)?
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Are you interested in homeownership
Do you have a bank account?(This information is only used for statistical purposes and is not shared with a third party)
Are you interested in learning about managing your personal finances in the future?
Did you receive your high school diploma or equivalency?
Are you interested in working toward your high school equivalency?
Are you currently enrolled in school?
How did you hear about the virtual job fair?


Do you receive SNAP benefits?
Do you have Heatlh Insurance?
What type of healh insurance do you have?
Were you laid off because of COVID-19?
Were your hours reduced because of COVID-19?
Are you eligible for unemployment benefits?
Have you had any difficulty applying for unemployment benefits?
If you have children, do they need help with homework?
Do you have sufficient consumer goods (food, water, disinfectant, diapers)?
Please select the consumer goods needed?
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PLEASE NOTE - After hitting submit, you will be taken to PART 2 of this registration on a different website.  You will not be fully registered until you complete part 2 of the registration.



Having issues with registration?

Please call 504-324-4444


The Urban League of Louisiana is ready and able to assist you in recruiting workers for your essential industry business.  Complete our form below and we will be in touch you within 24 hours or sooner. 

Thanks for your interest! Company registration is now closed.