Every crisis presents an opportunity.

For black-owned businesses, it’s a chance to serve their customers, clients and the community when the need is great but resources are scarce.

No other state in the nation has been impacted more by hurricanes than Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina is known as the worst man-made disaster in U.S. history. Sixteen years later, to the day, Hurricane Ida struck Louisiana causing a catastrophic power outage for the greater New Orleans region and parts of Baton Rouge.

The Urban League of Louisiana supports black-owned businesses every day through programming and advocacy to help close the racial wealth gap and create an environment where black owned businesses can thrive and pass on generational wealth.

In partnership with the Foundation for Louisiana, we have established the Black Business Works Fund to help businesses stand back up in the aftermath of the storm and be stronger on the other side.

Many black-owned businesses are anchors in their communities, often hiring those who many others don’t and won’t. Creating supports that allow these businesses to remain competitive not only helps them but also helps the community to rebound.

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