Office of Workforce Development

Office of Workforce Development


Urban League of Louisiana’s Office of Workforce Development will be a provider of quality workforce development initiatives and resources throughout Southeastern Louisiana.


The Office of Workforce Development’s mission is to build core competencies that produce a common set of knowledge and skills for career success, and provide a foundation for job seekers to access a full range of occupations with livable wages.

Current Activity

The Urban League of Louisiana focuses its work in the community to three Centers of Excellence: Center of Education and Youth Development to increase availability of academic support from infants to college bound youth; Center of Community and Economic Development to close the gap between skill set and workforce, stimulate and assist small businesses; and Center of Policy and Social Justice identifies and informs public discourse and policy to eradicate institutional barriers which inhibit the broader aims of the organization’s programmatic thrust.  Urban League’s Office of Workforce Development provides workforce development services throughout Louisiana within marginalized communities and serves at least 1,100 job seekers annually through four distinct youth and adult programs.

For Employers, the program provides customized training designed to strengthen recruitment efforts and increase employee morale and productivity through our pre-employment workshops, which are designed to infuse the professional culture of an employer’s company, with the intent to pre-screen potential candidates to fill vacant positions.  An employers customized pre-employment workshops cover three topics; Empowerment (Professional life skills training that will create a positive and productive workforce), Engagement (Techniques and fundamental practices that will improve your ability to work with others), and Customer Services (Professional life skills that will teach you how to be sensitive. The program also offers employers professional services such as employee assessments including behavior, skills, capacities and values assessments. All employer services are provided on a Fee For Service Basis.

For Jobseekers our workforce programs are as follows:

Job Assistance Program is designed to assist unemployed and underemployed youth and adult Job seekers in the attainment of social skills, education, and job skills to increase their participation and retention in the workforce. Through our robust assessment tools, our workforce development team is able to recommend to JAP participants, training required for proficiency in the “best matched” careers and occupations in the in-demand industries such as: construction, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, food services, etc. These services are also provided in Terrebonne Parish (Houma).

Suits for Hire Mentoring Program provides mentoring services for urban youth ages 17 to 24 and adults ages 18 and above that is particularly vulnerable to disengagement from school, community, and the world of work. The Suits for Hire Programs serve approximately 250 youth and adults annually. Program participants are provided with professional dress attire for workplace, one-one-one, group, and/or service based mentoring, navigational and life skills, community reintegration strategies, family support and unification services, academic and social enrichment workshops, restorative justice and community service projects.

Training to Work (T2W) –Training to Work Program offers workforce development and training services for 36-months to 120 previously incarcerated individuals so that they can successfully re-enter the labor market.   This program takes a “skills-based” training approach tailored to the needs of employers and clients, supporting individuals through the attainment of industry-recognized credentials, graduate equivalency diploma, and the pursuit of higher education.  Additionally, this program provides participants with support services up to six months prior to their release from a work-release program, during their entire T2W engagement, and up to 9 months of post-program follow-up.

Urban Youth Empowerment Program WORKS (UYEP WORKS) -The UYEP Program WORKS provides 100 at-risk youth and young adults’ ages 18 to 24 with six-key youth development tenets designed to prepare program participants to compete for employment.  These tenets consist of 1) Education – youth have the option to attain a high school diploma or GED, 2) Training- participants will have an opportunity to prepare for over 20 occupations in the high-demand sectors, 3) On-going Case Management – assist participants in the development of career and education goals, provide workforce fundamental (soft skills) and financial literacy training, counseling regarding criminal records, civil rights, job search assistance, etc., 4) One-on-One or Group Mentoring 5) Restorative Justice Projects – participants will have an opportunity to give something back to make up for past transgressions, and 6) Community-Wide Efforts to reduce crime and violence.

All workforce programs are designed to prepare job seekers to compete in the in-demand occupations such as construction and building trades, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and food services.  

To reach the Urban League, call 504.324.4444 or send an email to The email should include name, phone number, and your most recent employer.