Resilient Restart EBR: Small Business Micro-grants Program – Application PART 2 – DOCUMENT UPLOADS

You’re almost there!

Congratulations! You have just submitted the first part or your Resilient EBR: Small Business Micro-grants Program Application!

In order to complete the application please upload/attach the following documents via email by clicking on the SUBMIT VIA EMAIL button below.

Please note that your application submission is only reviewed when Step 2 – Document Upload is completed.  Pictures (.jpg, png.) of required documents are not acceptable submissions with the exception of a driver’s license or bill as proof of residency.

Accepted file types are PDF, Word, and Excel.

  1. Confirmation of Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Social Security Number
  2. Documentation of the business owner or owners’ state residency (such as a driver’s license or a bill) – (PHOTO file acceptable)
  3. Louisiana Secretary of State Confirmation of Good Standing Verify Here
  4. Verification of an active registration with no exclusions (
  5. 2019 federal tax return (Personal returns will be accepted for independent contractors and self-employed individuals.)
  6. 2019 Payroll Records 2020 year-to-date
  7. Payroll Records (January – June)
  8. 2019 income statement showing monthly sales – Click Here for a Free Template if Needed
  9. 2020 year-to-date income statement showing monthly sales (January – June) – Click Here for a Free Template if Needed
  10. IRS Form W-9 (October 2018 Version)

The button below will open a new email in your default mail program. Please attach all applicable documents to that email and then send to  Remember to include your organization’s name within the subject line.