Issued: June 17, 2022

Today – The President and CEO of the Urban League of Louisiana, Judy Reese Morse issued the following statement:

“Right now at the Louisiana State Capitol, Legislative leaders are trying to steal a second majority-Black congressional seat lawfully owed to a majority African American district in our state. This week a federal judge rejected the delay tactic of the Louisiana State Legislature, calling it disingenuous, and ordered the completion of a fair redistricting map that is in accordance with Section 2 of the Voting Rights Access by Monday, June 20th. We can all do something about it by calling or emailing House Speaker Schexnayder (R-Gonzalez), Senate President Cortez (R-Lafayette), Rep. Stefanski, and Sen. Hewitt to urge them to comply with federal law and court rulings. These legislative leaders are positioned to do the right thing, but are intentionally defying a federal judge in an effort to minimize Black voting power and uphold white supremacy in Louisiana. We deserve and demand fair legislative districts and representation. If we do not stop this plot, African Americans in Louisiana will have unfair representation for the next decade.”

In order to help the state legislators fighting on our behalf, we need to support their efforts by calling or emailing the following legislative leaders to urge them to do the right thing, comply with federal laws and produce fair maps that produce a second majority-African American Congressional District:

Rep. Clay Schexnayder, Speaker of the House
225-473-6016 |

Rep. John Stefanski, House & Governmental Affairs Chairman
337-384-8999 |

Sen. Page Cortez, Senate President
337-993-7430 |

Sen. Sharon Hewitt, Senate & Governmental Affairs Chairwoman
985-646-6490 |

For more information, visit Redistricting Louisiana