NEW ORLEANS (February 3, 2022) — Today, the Urban League of Louisiana, in partnership with the Lower 9th Ward Economic Development District, Wells Fargo, and Louisiana Economic Development, announces its fifth cohort of Scale Up! Louisiana for small businesses in the New Orleans Lower 9th Ward.

Scale Up! Louisiana is a statewide entrepreneurial education intensive hosted by the Urban League of Louisiana’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. The program provides early-stage entrepreneurs with the education and resources that are critical to creating a scalable and profitable business. This is a transition program that guides existing, early-stage small business owners in the L9 towards becoming high-growth, sustainable ventures.

“The Lower Ninth Ward Economic Development District (L9EDD) is thrilled to partner with the Urban League to host the Scale Up! program for entrepreneurs in the Lower Ninth Ward, said Jean Morris, Chairperson of the Lower Ninth Ward Economic Development District. “We are excited to bring business growth opportunities, employment and economic development to the area. Businesses will receive planning strategies, implementation of processes to be sustainable, and discover innovative solutions to improve the quality of life for all.”

In response to COVID-19-related safety measures, this modular program will be delivered completely online via 11, 3-hour web sessions, and 5 pre-recorded videos. Participants will receive technical assistance and other support services throughout the program.

“The Urban League of Louisiana is excited to host Scale Up! Louisiana in the Lower 9th Ward”, said Judy Reese Morse, President and CEO of the Urban League of Louisiana. “The Lower 9th Ward is one of New Orleans’ most treasured communities and supporting our small businesses in the area is a strategic imperative to the economic growth of the New Orleans economy. We recognize the need for small businesses in the Lower 9 to focus on scalability, profitability, and resilience. The Urban League of Louisiana is committed to providing the education, support services and resources needed to scale to the next level.”

Interested entrepreneurs must apply for the Scale Up! Louisiana program by completing an online application. Eligible entrepreneurs must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be located in the Lower 9th Ward
  • Have at least $40,000 in documented revenue from the previous tax year
  • Have been in business for at least 2 years
  • Have at least 2 employees (including the owner)
  • Must have a desire to scale or expand their business operations

Up to 30 business owners from the area will be selected for the spring 2022 cohort. Participants will be chosen based on 1.) the applicant’s ability to meet the eligibility requirements; 2.) the growth potential of the business; and 3.) the applicant’s desire to learn and grow in an interactive, online environment.

Classes begin on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, and will be held online via GoToTraining. The application deadline is Friday, February 18, 2022 at 5:00p.m. CST and must be submitted online at To learn more about the Urban League of Louisiana’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, please visit