Judge to determine how much to keep hidden from Louisiana trooper’s file in Ronald Greene case
(August 11, 2021/The Advocate)

EXCERPT – A Baton Rouge judge overruled a request for additional time and told lawyers for the Louisiana State Police that he will decide for himself what information the agency can withhold from the public on the personnel file of a state trooper involved in the beating death of Ronald Greene, a Black motorist from Monroe.

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Graffiti protest of Ronald Greene’s police beating was finished, ruined and finished again
(August 10, 2021/

EXCERPT -In early July, a graffiti artist produced a series of posters that included video stills of Greene’s last moments.

Word of the artwork spread via social media, eventually reaching Greene’s mother Mona Hardin. So she decided to visit the installation in New Orleans. But by the time she arrived on July 17, the artwork was ruined.

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