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Demands for justice for Ronald Greene and accountability for the troopers involved have been consistent and loud. Our weekly updates capture the continued calls for action and key news as it develops.



Times-Picayune, Advocate sue Louisiana State Police, ask judge to review record redactions
(July 12, 2021/Times-Picayune/Advocate)

EXCERPT – The Times-Picayune and The Advocate filed suit Monday, July 12 against the Louisiana State Police, asking a judge to review redactions the agency’s lawyers made to public records related to troopers involved in the violent 2019 death of Black motorist Ronald Greene. . .

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Times-Picayune/Advocate: It’s time for a full federal investigation of Louisiana State Police
(July 10, 2021/Times-Picayune/Advocate)

EXCERPT -We understand that a thorough federal investigation takes time, and the Greene case is — finally — under federal review. We want the U.S. Justice Department to do its best work and provide a well-documented report about what happened in Greene’s case. Based on what has been reported by The Associated Press, this newspaper and others, we find it hard to believe such an investigation will result in a report without consequences. But so egregious is the Greene case that it is painful to wait.

That’s one reason the ACLU of Louisiana, the Urban League of Louisiana, and the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus have all asked U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland for a federal investigation of the entire Louisiana State Police operation . . .

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Additional coverage throughout the state, nation and world regarding Ronald Greene’s story and the call for the justice:


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