Last Thursday, we launched our official Justice for Ronald Greene online petition with our partners the National Urban League, the NAACP Baton Rouge, ACLU of Louisiana, and VOTE.

We, and those who sign this petition call for:

  1. All troopers involved to be immediately terminated. There has been limited discipline against some of the troopers but it is not enough. Every day that any trooper involved in this horrendous incident remains on the job is an injustice to the family and to all residents of Louisiana. All troopers involved must be terminated.

All troopers to be arrested on charges that are appropriate for the crimes committed. There have been no charges thus far, after two years since Mr. Greene’s murder. The officers involved, named and unnamed, must be arrested immediately.


  • Your signature is YOUR VOICE.
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  • Your signature and sharing of the petition allows your friends and family to discover AND support issues important to them.

Your signature helps to make an IMPACT.


Our President and CEO Judy Reese Morse was highlighted in the New York Times article recounting last week’s rally and calls to action.

Additional coverage throughout the state, nation and world regarding Ronald Greene’s story and the call for the justice:

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A CBS Sunday Morning special edition on June 6 explores policing issues. Mona Hardin, mother of Ronald Greene will share her thoughts about losing her son.