Google is working with the Urban League of Louisiana on a pilot to provide Black-owned, small and medium-sized businesses with free Google Storefront Kits and other Google services. This initiative will support safer business environments for customers and employees of eligible businesses in response to COVID-19 safety measures. This pilot program will support Black-owned businesses operating storefronts, food trucks, commercial office spaces, or customer-accessible home offices across the state of Louisiana.

The Google Storefront Kits (GSKs) will enable businesses to begin safer, distanced customer interactions in this newfound COVID-19 climate. The kit includes 3 Nest Cameras, 1 Nest Hub Max smart display, 1 Nest Mini smart speaker, 1 Nest Thermostat, 1 4a 5G Pixel Phone and a free 12-month subscription of the Nest Aware service. In addition, Google will provide free installation for the hardware, as well as access to free, online training that helps small businesses learn new digital tools to grow their business through Grow with Google.

“The Urban League of Louisiana is proud to work with Google to provide its Google Storefront Kits to small, Black-owned storefronts that have been impacted by COVID-19 across the state of Louisiana”, said Judy Reese Morse, President & CEO of the Urban League of Louisiana. “This program addresses some of the most critical needs of Black entrepreneurs by providing technology that supports safety, business continuity and growth.”

Google Storefront Kits provide eligible business owners with increased awareness and responsiveness to what is happening in their establishments, both on-site and remotely. These products also allow for innovative, COVID-sensitive methods to safely and quickly interact with customers – limiting opportunities for exposure, increasing chances of staying open, and driving business growth. Urban League is administering this program with Google donating the products.

Eligible businesses must meet the following requirements:

  • A small business at least 51% owned by a Black/African American individual
  • A small business operating in the state of Louisiana
  • Operating as a storefront, food truck, commercial office space, or customer-accessible home office
  • Must have been operating the business for at least one year
  •  2019 Adjusted Gross Income of the business owner is less than $250,000
  • Broadband internet connection at the establishment with at least 2 Mbps upload speed
  • Must agree to completing all pre- and post-installation surveys

For more information or to apply by completing the online application, eligible Black-owned businesses must visit For additional questions about the program, please email the Urban League of Louisiana’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at