Urban League of Louisiana’s Parent Information Center released its 2020 New Orleans Guide to High School and Beyond.

To view it, simply go to the Parent Information Center’s Publication page.

The guide includes information on all public charter, private and Catholic high schools in New Orleans, including:
• A map of high school locations
• Profiles for Catholic, private and public high schools
• Relevant information about: School Types, Factors to Consider, Applying, Career Pathways and College Readiness

The Guide has information that everyone can use:
• STUDENTS: A self-assessment questionnaire to help determine likes and dislikes
• PARENTS: Information to help explore all high school options and funding a private education
• SCHOOL STAFF: Tips for assisting students on how to write essays and prepare for interviews
• SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS: Information on how their school compares to other schools

If you’d like information on receiving hard copies, email pic@urbanleaguela.org