The inaugural Empowerment and Policy Conference, powered by the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus and the Urban League of Louisiana, is a statewide convening designed to examine systems, influence policy decisions and enact changes that will positively impact the African-American community.

The 2019 Empowerment and Policy Conference will take place September 27th- 28th at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans Hotel. 
The Conference will provide a platform for local, state and national thought leaders, policy makers, sector leaders and community leaders to discuss, debate, and advance conversation and thinking around a multitude of issues that are of importance to African-Americans in Louisiana. Conference panelists and guest speakers will engage conference attendees on economic, social, and political topics, including issues that impact opportunity youth and their families.

The Conference will also engage residents across the state and use their input to inform the conference content. During a statewide listening tour in July, community members will have the opportunity to voice their top concerns and share their visions for equity and inclusion in the future. The insights gained from the statewide tour will inform the panel discussions.