September 10, 2018 

Cathy Washington – (504) 620 -2332
The Urban League of Louisiana is deeply disappointed in the action taken by Mayor E. Ben Zahn, III of Kenner regarding Nike clothing, equipment or products at Kenner recreation centers. Notwithstanding the questionable legality of this position, Zahn has made children, families and the adult volunteers who work tirelessly to support them the real losers.

The Urban League of Louisiana calls on Mayor Zahn and the Kenner City Council to examine the impetus for the institution of such a policy, and engage stakeholders to reach the right decision, which is to rescind the policy immediately. This is a teachable moment for the people of Kenner who believe that children and families should not be penalized because of an ill-conceived policy. Moreover, it is an opportunity to reflect upon the real reason for associated protests regarding kneeling and policy brutality. As leaders, we must remember that our children are watching and deserve better. It is our intention to focus on teaching our young people to build bridges that connect one another, not walls that continue to divide.

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