Urban League’s Center for Policy and Social Justice

The core work of the Center focuses on the effect existing policy has on the equality gaps. The Center demonstrates those gaps by researching areas of need then creating scholarly works that will be used to focus and inform. This work shapes our agency’s programmatic thrust and the regions view of what “Good Policy” must achieve.

Opportunity Compact

The Opportunity Compact is a comprehensive set of principles and policy recommendations designed to empower all Americans to fully participate in the economic and social mainstream. A tool of ULGNO and the National Urban League, the report is culmination of extensive research and policy analysis by the National Urban League Policy Institute and the collaboration of policy experts from academia, non-profit service, advocacy organizations and corporations.

Read the National Urban League Opportunity_Compact

ULGNO Policy Recommendations

While the Opportunity Compact serves a national rubric for empowerment each locale has the need for policy specific to the area. ULGNO has put forth its own principles and policy recommendations for the greater New Orleans area.

Read the Louisiana_Opportunity_Compact


Special Projects

ULGNO will participate in special projects related to its lead and core work. The following highlights the special projects ULGNO has supported in the area of policy and social justice.

  • The People of New Orleans…Rebuilding New Orleans, an Economic Summit
  • The Louisiana Oyster and Fisherman’s Policy Agenda
  • The State of Black America

The book looks in depth at the Jobs crisis in our country and its rippling effect on communities of color, while offering tangible solutions. This is the 34th year that the National Urban League has released State of Black America and 1st time that the Equality Index will feature numbers relating to the Hispanic community. Read the Executive Summary and view the SOBA release press conference via webcast.