About Us

The mission of the Urban League of Louisiana (ULLA) is to help individuals attain economic self-sufficiency through advocacy and community organization as well as program services in areas of education, economic development, employment and training, youth and family services. Formerly known as the Urban League of Greater New Orleans (ULGNO), the expanded league is positioned to achieve great success and recognizes the opportunity and responsibility facing greater New Orleans region and beyond. As such, ULLA takes a broader consideration of both the value created in each life the Urban League touches and how such translates into rebuilding systems, infrastructure and the local economy, all of which are keys to creating sustainable change and improving individual life chances


Having served the Greater New Orleans since 1938 with a mission to assist underserved communities in securing economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights, the Urban League expanded to a statewide entity in 2016, becoming the Urban League of Louisiana (ULLA). That expansion began in East Baton Rouge Parish and is already making its presence felt in Baton Rouge by providing economic and workforce supports in the area, as well as educational advocacy work with Baton Rouge families.

ULLA has served African Americans and other underserved populations in the metropolitan New Orleans area since 1938. Nearly 80 years later, the organization is still relevant in its mission to assist individuals to secure economic empowerment and civil rights and the expanded Urban League of Louisiana remains at the forefront of poverty reduction efforts and initiatives to empower under-resourced communities. The strength of “The Movement” has been the identification of equality gaps between the majority and the African American community, which give rise to our ability to design and deliver vital programs and policy initiatives to help close the economic divide. Throughout our history, ULLA programs have been focused to ensure quality education and access to information, employment, entrepreneurial and economic inclusion opportunities, and shared dignity under the law. ULLA provides services to citizens through programs housed in three essential Centers of Excellence, which take a holistic approach to addressing issues that concern low to moderate-income families: The Center of Education and Youth Development, the Center of Community and Economic Development, and the Center of Policy and Social Justice.