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Urban League College Track

Partnering for SUCCESS
In February 2008, the Urban League of Greater New Orleans and College Track entered into a partnership to provide college access opportunities to students and families in the city of New Orleans and surrounding districts. This arrangement, the first of its kind for both organizations, will pair the consistent success that College Track has achieved in California with the Urban League’s track record of providing high quality services to the people of greater New Orleans. By joining together, the Urban League of Greater New Orleans and College Track aim to help students achieve their dreams of earning a college degree.

Program Overview
COLLEGE TRACK is the catalyst for change for under-resourced high school students who are motivated to earn a college degree. College Track began in 1997 with a cohort of 25 students in East Palo Alto, California. Today, College Track serves more than 300 high school students at four centers in East Palo Alto, Oakland, San Francisco, and New Orleans and over 200 college students attending 60 universities across the country. 100% of College Track’s students are from under-resourced communities and 89% are or will be the first in their families to go to college.
College Track supports motivated students to succeed in high school and graduate from college. We do this by setting high expectations and providing rigorous academic preparation, opportunities for leadership development and enrichment, and guidance through the college application and selection processes through our three core services areas: Academic Affairs, Student Life, and College Affairs. Through all of this, College Track has created a culture of success and we have achieved phenomenal results.

  1. 100% of College Track students graduate from high school eligible to attend a public university.
  2. 97% of College Track students are accepted at a 4-year college or university.
  3. 92% of College Track high school graduates are currently pursuing or have earned a college degree.

Academic Affairs
College Track’s Academic Affairs curriculum is designed to ensure that all students graduate from high school eligible to attend and prepared to succeed in the college of their choice.

  1. Workshops for basic and advanced skills
  2. Guidance in selecting high school classes
  3. SAT/ACT test preparation
  4. Tutoring

Student Life
The goal of College Track’s Student Life program is to provide students with the tools and skills necessary to become leaders in their schools and communities.

  1. Community service activities
  2. Leadership development workshops
  3. Experiential learning opportunities
  4. Summer internship programs

College Affairs
College Track’s College Affairs helps students and families navigate the college admissions and financial aid application processes.

  • College tours and information sessions
  • Financial aid workshops
  • Alumni connections
  • Seminars on transitioning to college life


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