2017 Schools Expo



ulpicsocialmedia_button17The Schools Expo provides an opportunity for families to apply to schools onsite and visit representatives from over 95 public direct-run, private, charter and Catholic schools, all under one roof, providing families a convenient and efficient method to consider schools that meet their needs and values. As its main goal, the Expo empowers parents with information so they can make informed school choice decisions and better understand the city’s changing educational landscape.

The Schools Expo offers parents the chance to gain all the information they need without having to visit each school. Billed as a family affair, the Schools Expo offers something for everyone including free school supplies, uniform vouchers, backpacks and free food.

Entertainment is provided by school marching bands, joined by student performances and an array of fun filled activities. Parents are encouraged to bring their children and take advantage of free quality childcare while they shop for schools.  Translation services will be available for Vietnamese and Spanish speakers.






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